This Bing Table Top 00 gauge electric LMS 513 tank loco is new to me, purchased from a fellow TCS member. DSCF5049

I believe it dates from around 1928/30.

This morning it has been through its' paces with a three coach train around my Brunswick Road layout. It has been running well on the German Trix Express plastic sleeper 3-rail track using around 8/10 volts DC from an H & M Safety Minor control unit.

This must be an upper class line; 8 first class compartments and just 2 third class!

Some of you will have seen the layout at last years TCS show. It is really no more than a scenic test track, but ideal for running Bing TT clockwork locos, and of course Trix Twin and Trix Express.

It is designed so that each quarter presents a different scene, and also the center backscene means the train does briefly go out of sight as it rounds the circle.