Dark, wet winter days: time to do some work towards finishing the HO Trix Express shelf layout.


Squeezed onto a shelf, the scenic section is just 45 x 8 inches (113 x 30 cms). The missing bit was a cassette  system for returning and storing trains. I crafted this today to act as a prototype......a bit of Ikea shelf and some Trix Twin bakelite track. The cassette has to be double ended, so has power feeds on both sides. They are brass picture hanging pins with  connecting wires soldered to the running rails. Then it is easy to clip on the mini crocs. It works!!

Now to refine and build more, one for each of 6 complete Trix Express trains.


Looking down the length of the layout towards the tunnel entrance to the cassette


An 0.8.0 shunter with a beer van at the very busy goods shed


The signal cabin, passenger station and some local housing. The 0.8.0 is departing with the beer van


The tunnel, oil depot and that 0.8.0 again!


The cassette on a temporary mount. Power clips connected this side. When reversed the ones at the other side, other end, are used.