Hornby The first 100 years

While visiting 2020 Nuremberg Toy Fair a must see was the booth of Hornby Hobbies, a joined booth for Scalextric. Airfix, Corgi, Hornby, Arnold, Rivarossi, Electrotren and other companies under the Hornby roof.

For this short picture report I selected pictures of just two pretty different brands, concepts and what has been presented.

First and being placed prominent in the center of the display wall were the models Hornby presented for celebrating its First 100 Years. The range covers 0 gauge as well as the first 00 gauge trains.

O gauge Clockwork loco

Die cast Duchess from new tools

Smokey Joe

Additionally a nice series of Dublo Diecasts

Plus some of the famous train sets of companies having been aquired in the 100 year tradition of Hornby

Triang Rocket Set

Rovex Black Princess

Bassett Lowke STEAMPUNK

Heading for a completely different market is a new concept with an old well known brand name. The Bassett Lowke name gets a revival for a completely new concept. "Steam Punk". Nothing for rivet counters but for fantasy, people playing SiFi,... . Being based on victorian designs it is having steam as power source.

Bassett Lowke starts naturally with a series of steam locos goods wagons and coaches, however also a special designed buildings series and figures as well as colours and accesoires will become available.

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