The members’ area of this website is now open – to members!

What is there?
At the moment you can view or download every copy of our Train Collector magazine, plus every copy of its predecessor, the TCS News. There will be more content to follow.

How do I get there?
To access the TCS Members’ Area you need to login. There is a menu item "login". Click on it and you will be asked for user ID and a password. All members who have supplied us with an e-mail address should already have been supplied with this information. But if you have not received the necessary details please do e-mail our Membership Secretary, Paul Chapman so he can send them to you.

Once logged in a Members Greeting page is displayed. From it you can access all members' content (and renew your membership!) Once logged in the Members Greeting page also appears as a menu option and there are sub-menu options as well to take you to the content. These will change as content is added.

Some other information
Your do not need to be logged in to view the ‘public’ pages of the website. But you can still view these when logged in anyway. All pages may of course be viewed on a tablet or smartphone as well as a PC / laptop. The menu structure will look a bit different on a tablet or smartphone.

We do hope you will find the members’ area useful. Any general comments / suggestions / problems please do contact Tony Stanford or our new Webmanager Rainer Haug