Bing 4-6-0 freelance SR for TCS archive

Bing 4-6-0 freelance SR for TCS archive

The Digital Archive is Now Available

The TCS Digital Archive - a collection of images of models past and present that have been collected by TCS member Pat Hammond over many years - is now beginning to be made available on-line to all TCS members.  This will be a gradual process (there are at least 140,000 images!) but currently photos for a little over 100 manufactures of toy trans and model railways have been released. To have a look, log in as a member and go to the 'Members Greeting' page  - (normally this is the default page when you first log in) and just click on the Digital Archive link.

Many thanks to Pat for all the work involved building up this archive and now making it available to us.

The archive is provided through Google Drive -  you may get a better viewing experience if you log out of any other Google accounts you have open at the time.

The archive is only available to members of the TCS. You may apply for membership here.