Uwe Groll has been able to add a real Bing gem to the collection of the Bing Museum, Freinsheim, Germany. To share this we show "Bing's Paris Elevated and Underground Railway" as picture of the month October 2020

"The Paris Elevated and Underground Railway made by Bing was considered to be the highlight of this year's summer auction of the auction house Lankes and we are pleased to be able to present it now to a wide public.

In the Bing catalogs of 1906 only the train itsself is shown (in 0 and I gauge), having the article number 180/53/0. A complete layout is not shown.

Bing probably designed it for a dealers window display.

It was constructed from already existing bridge sections and supports. Further track sections had been made using the baseplate of a railway crossing.

The Layout which is now on display in the museum is completed by contemporary cardboard models assembeled by E.Plattner."

It will also be on display at the annual Bing Collectors Meeting on the 24/25 th of October in Freinsheim, Germany. The meeting will take place but requires registration, masks, etc.

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