TCS Committee member Malcolm Pugh has sent us this report of the recent event.


The Reading Vintage Toy fair is held twice a year, and thanks to organiser Tony Oakes, the TCS are invited to have a presence. For the autumn 2015 event, we created a 3 gauge shuttle track in a loose lay table top form, using OO, O and G...all in 2 rail. The G track is all LGB, the O gauge is Rivarossi, and the OO is Fleischmann Profi. Track power is analogue from Gaugemaster controllers, and using ebay sourced shuttle modules costing about £14 each.

Locos seen running included those by Jouef, Triang, Bachmann, Heljan, Rivarossi, Lima and LGB.

The 100 or so sales tables are mostly located in the large sports hall, the smaller hall tends to have a few displays and layouts. Most of the sales tables have traditional ‘boys toys’, trains, cars, meccano, soldiers; but I did buy for the other half 3 Sindy dolls for her collection at £1 each...with clothes. Another ‘Lines Brothers’ product!!


Reading Show4

TCS Stand at 2015 Reading Vintage Toy Fair

Reading Show5

TCS Test track at 2015 Reading Vintage Toy fair

Reading Show 1

A TCS member's Tri-ang layout at 2015 Reading Vintage Toy fair