TCS 2019 Summer Show

at Stoke Mandeville Stadium

Sat July 6th

This is the second time the Society has used this venue which is on the indoor bowling green of the Stoke Mandeville Stadium complex providing a good level surface and with the air-con working well was much cooler than last year. Organised by Chairman Bryan Pentland the show probably had the greatest variety of layouts and displays than any previous TCS show.

The layouts were mainly around the outside of the hall with Traders in the middle. As one enters the entrance manned by Paul and Shirley Williams who were also handling all the money for the day in the top corner there is a good welcoming /rest area  before one moves onto the 'green'. The first layout (Fig 1) is David Rhodes TV Series 'Prisoner ' layout.

David is a big fan of the 1960s show which starred Patrick McGoohan as No 6 and has created an imaginary 009 layout using buildings from Port Merion Pottery (the series was filmed at Port Merion) and adapted Eggerbahn 009 stock and Tri-ang Minic Motorway (Fig 2) with various characters from the show created  from plastic figures, this was an interesting start to the show.

Alongside Dave Coddington had set up a superb display celebrating 60 years since the end of Playcraft HO Gauge Railways. (Fig 3)

Dave had an example of everything they produced as well as six circuits with various formations running around. I was particularly interested in the Playcraft 009 Complete Layout Set (Fig 4) which was formed from one piece of polystyrene.

Another first at the TCS was David Lyon's first outing with Hornby 00 Gauge Live Steam. Hornby launched their live steam range several years ago, however it was not a commercial success although it has a niche following and David is one of the few who have set up a layout to run these excellent models. I saw Mallard performing well and then Flying Scotsman (Fig 5) being set up on the running road. Well done David.

The Bayko group are always welcome and this year had some amazing Meccano Bayko and  Tri-ang Arkitex buildings on display. Robert Palmer's magnificent model of Liverpool Museum (Fig 6) attracted many favourable comments, look closely and see how he has used the curved bricks.

Brian Salter who as we know wrote the Tri-ang Spot-On book had the original Arkitex Ultra Modern station in 00 ( Fig 7)

and also his own creation made from the large scale Arkitex which suits O Gauge (Fig 8)

and works well with Big Big Trains (Fig 9), with a village of Bayko buildings this display was very popular.

In the corner past Chairman David Ramsey (Fig 10) ably assisted by Amalia has David's wonderful collection of Carette, Bing and Marklin Station buildings.

Pride of place was a Carette1911 Orpington station (Fig 11)

and I was also taken by the Bing Second tier Clapham Junction (Fig 12). A wonderful display with almost everything 100 years old.

Neil and Cerry Smith with help from Les Martin  has a very impressive Tri-ang 00 Gauge two level Standard Track layout  (Fig 13) circa 1956.

Running Transcontinental stock this layout ran beautifully all day and the TC stock made it a very colourful layout, spooted was a four Car Australian Red Rattler train (Fig14) 

and a Hiawatha with later green coaches (Fig 15).

Alongside Steve Smith had his excellent Tri-ang Big Big 0 Gauge layout.(Fig 16)

The locos are battery operated and several were running at all times with examples of each set on display in the middle of the layout (Fig17)

Rachel and Bill Vyse 'Four Coupled Delights' 0 Gauge layout featured 4-4-0 Locomotives, whilst passing an Ace Schools 'Charterhouse' and Hornby Schools 'Eton' were running round (Fig 18),

scenery included a Bayko Castle, various card buildings and of course Dinky vehicles, I spotted a rather nicely repainted SR Horse box (Fig 19).

Trevor Findley, Will Temple, Owen Roberts, John Dickens were firing up various 0 Gauge live steam by Bassett-Lowke, Bowman and others. I was very impressed with a Bassett-Lowke Enterprise (Fig 20) which ran on one steam for 50mins pulling six coaches.

On the left side was also a working funicular railway and a large scale homemade monorail using a Lionel coach so I was able to show three forms of Railway transport in one shot!(Fig 21)

Reg Harman with help from Guy Bridgen, Pete Shilito and David Maskill were running Tri-ang TT, showing the early and later style of track, (Fig 22)

there was also a comparison showing the differences between O, OO, TT and N and even a display of Thomas & Friends TT engines.(Fig 23)

I was also taken by a well painted blue Merchant Navy in the yard.(Fig 24)

The Leeds Steadman Trust stand was manned by David Peacock and other members of the trust showing various examples made by LMC (Fig 25).

Tony Penn with help from Rebecca Wheatley and Terry Penn was running 0 Gauge. It was Tony's first time exhibiting this gauge and very impressive it was too. With five circuits of Atlas track there was continuous running using locos built from 1909-2019 hauling long goods trains which might have been seen through the night including Coal from the North, Tankers and Express goods. One of the rarer locos was an A B Mcleod (later to become an engineer on the Southern) LNWR 2-8-0 Class F Compound locomotive with a coal train (Fig 26). Other stock included Hornby, Bing, Bassett-Lowke, repainted Big Big Mineral wagons and Ace. Well Done Tony

Mark Carne with help from Tim Walker came by public transport and yet was able to show a complete Bing 0 Gauge layout featuring items made for the German Market (Fig 27).

I was impressed with the variety of stock (Fig 28). No one can now have an excuse for not doing a layout.

Nick Dean and his daughter Natasha were trading as Check Rail, however they were also able to have a small layout amongst their goods and I spotted a Tri-ang Rocket and coaches on duty. Steve Knight from the Kitmaster club also had their excellent Kitmaster display as well as a good selection of second hand trains for sale,

The Chiltern Hills Vintage Train Group came along in their numbers and had two Hornby Dublo Layouts, first was their 2-Rail layout 'Oakleigh Park' (Fig 29)

organised by Dave Jarvis and friends which also included plenty of Wrenn and various repaints and neverwazzas and a Dublo three rail layout 'Mossdale' (Fig 30) organised by Ron Macaskie, Derek Smith and others and featured most of the Dublo range and also included Dinky vehicles.

David Knighton and Johnny Ward.had the largest trains on show with their Bing, Carette, Bassett-Lowk and Marklin Gauge 1 and 2 layout. I was impressed with a Carette for BL Great Central 4-4-2 (Fig 31) and LNWR 4-6-2 (Fig 32).

The station scene was also beautifully set up and was just asking to be photographed (Fig 33).

We now come round to the last corner where three layouts were flying the stars and stripes. Michael Parkes was exhibiting for the first time and had his superb Lionel 0 Gauge layout (Fig 34) which was full of working accessories.

I was very impressed with the barrel (Fig 35)  and log loaders

although my favourite was the large lifting bridge (Fig 36).

Keeping it in the family, Michael's dad Alan Parkes (Fig 37) was running Lionel Standard Gauge on his excellent three circuit layout with a magnificent large Ives station in the middle.

Whilst passing a very impressive 4-4-2 Tender Locomotive (Fig 38) with steam sound and lighting was hauling a passenger train. Various Diesel and Electric Locomotives were performing well at other times.

Neil Trump was back with his all  wonderful steaming and whistling American Flyer S Gauge, running all types I was able to photo a 4-6-4 in full steam (Fig 39)

I also spotted a stationary Dining coach, all lit up offering Steaks and Chops (Fig 40) 

and the attractive yard crane (Fig 41) also there were a number of AF accessories running including an ingenious barrel loader. 

Bryan Pentland had set up French Tinplate O Gauge layout. A warning sign in French (Fig 42) gave us a clue.

Bryan always has something interesting and I loved the small La Hott St Nicholas Breakdown Train (Fig 43).

I spotted a Hornby Railcar on the high level and the motorised Paya bus (Fig 44) on the road circuit racing around at high speed. Every time I passed this layout I spotted something new.

Michael Foster (Fig 45) and Michael Bowes were promoting the last book in their History of Toy Trains series. Michael informed me that sales for all the books have been excellent and very few remain from 1- 4.

Malcolm Pugh (Fig 46) and Paul Chapman ran the Club Bring and Buy and raised around £40 for club funds.

Unfortunately a Dapol 0 Gauge Class 08 Shunter for £200 and four kitbuilt wagons for £100 did not sell. Three G Scale wagons sold for £29 each. Over 70% of the items sold for £5 or less, there was a large collection of Tri-ang boxes that was spead among the Tri-ang fans. Playcraft Catalogues and some nice 0 Gauge Signals also sold well. The next b&b will be at Leicester on November 9th. So dig out your 'junk', and price it to sell, especially if it's under £5.

Paul also set up a small a small remote controlled Playmobil G Scale layout (Fig 47) which was enjoyed by some of the younger visitors to the show. Rod Hannah and Paul Williams were manning the Club stand.

In the centre were  most of the traders. Various items I spotted for sale included a Hornby Silver Jubille Set (Fig48),

Tri-ang TT rare blue A1A - A1A for £1500 (Fig 49),

0 Gauge bargains (Fig 50),

Nicholas Oddy was selling items from the Peter Dunk collection including an 0 Gauge 'Dutchess of Hamilton' for £100 (Fig 51).

Bob Leggett was also trading and selling copies of his Shire book on the History of popular 00 gauge Toy Trains and Rob Hampton was selling copies of his Tri-ang TT book (Fig 52).

One very sad piece of news was the recent death of Peter Berry who was a long standing member of the TCS and who had vast knowledge  of Toy Trains and early 00 Gauge in particular, a lovely Gentleman who will be greatly missed and a table was set up in his honour( Fig 53).

Although the numbers through the door were slightly down on last year most reported good trade throughout the day, many visitors stayed for  most of the day and kept returning to buy. The local press came in for 5 minutes to write a report and stayed over an hour.

Catering was at the main stadium cafe although Bryan was able to set up Tea and coffee all day for Exhibitors and Traders

The day was very enjoyable and those that came had a great time. Well done Bryan and to all those who helped make this a brilliant show. Bryan will try a hold the show at the same popular venue around the same time next year..

Bob Leggett