TCS 2021 Leicester Get together

Train Collectors Society - Autumn Show, Sat Nov 6th, Trinity Church Hall, Leicester

Video by Oscar Paisleys

Report by Bob Leggett

Only eight weeks since our late Summer show it was all systems go for the Autumn Show. This show is organised by Paul Draycott and his family with help from Bryan Pentland and was significantly different to the late summer show with another fantastic variety of vintage layouts, displays and Traders.

The entrance was manned by various members of the TCS. In the passage on the left of the foyer it was good to see Phil Goater back in his usual spot with a variety of stock including a Tri-ang Service box which was on sale for £100, alongside Dave Bowens was selling mainly Hornby Dublo and Dave Angell had a vast amount of Tri-ang,Tri-ang Hornby and Hornby for sale (Fig 1).

Fig 1

Opposite Dave was the TCS Bring and Buy stand which had a bumper day with sales over £600, this included a collection of kitbuilt or modified locos which by the time I arrived was very depleted (Fig 2), many thanks to David Posthlethaite, Peter Wright and Dave Parry for manning the stall and raising around £100 for Club Funds (Fig 3), unfortunately Malcolm Pugh was unable to attend as he was recovering from Covid and understand he is now fit and well.

Fig 2
Fig 3

Leon Mills was selling ACE Trains and had on display the latest Parallel boiler Patriot with one side of the engine finished in LMS maroon (Fig 4) and BR green on the other (Fig 5), he also had one of the last LMS 10000 Diesels which looked superb, it has a very limited production and was sold before I could photograph it!

Fig 4
Fig 5

The only display in the foyer was Chairman Bryan Pentland's excellent Japanese 0 Gauge Tinplate layout (Fig 6 ) featuring pre-war Seki, Sakai (Fig 7) and post-war KTM and Masudaya (TM Modern Toys) including their impressive Bullet Train (Fig 8), a motorised bus was running on the high level (Fig 9).

As we move into the Main Hall, David Ramsey was opposite the entrance against the stage selling various Hornby and other makers Rolling stock and spares, on the left author Tony Stower (Fig 10) was promoting his new book 'No 1' which is a fictional story set at the beginning of railways in the Regency period 1810-1825. Tony sold several copies.

Fig 10

Alongside Bob Field had a superb Hornby Dublo 3-Rail Southern themed layout (Fig 11) including a ten car converted Wrenn Brighton Belle (Fig 12).

Fig 11
Fig 12

It was a great site to see that running with a Dublo 8-Car EMU (Fig 13), followed later by an SR tank with a goods train (Fig 14).

Fig 13
Fig 14

Next was Chris Bush and Rodney Allam who were selling a variety of spares and reference books.

Last year we sadly lost Peter Gurd who had been a great stalwart of the TCS and was one of it's first members, Peter had vast knowledge on toy and model Railways and was a great help to many members. It was nice to see his widow Eve and daughter Judith (Fig 15) occupy Peter's traditional corner spot and sell his stock. They reported very good sales.


On the far side of the room David Peasant and his Uncle Peter had their scenic 0 Gauge layout (Fig 16).

Fig 16

I loved the backdrop viaduct and the home made Church and Cottage (Fig 17). A variety of Hornby and modern 0 gauge was running on Lionel Fast-Track.

Fig 17

Dave White with help from Les Martin, Steve Smith,  Doug and Neil Smith had set up a wonderful Tri-ang Hornby 'Woodhead Tunnel' loose lay Super 4 layout with working overhead Centenary including rare white topped double gantry (Fig 18) and running various EM2 locomotives (Fig 19).

Fig 18
Fig 19

Using Les's plan (Fig 20) and setting up late Friday afternoon (Fig 21) this was a highly admired layout (Fig 22).

Fig 20
Fig 21
Fig 22

To set up overhead running with 50 year old toy trains is to be congratulated, Dave also had on display his excellent collection of CKD Models (Fig 23) including a rare LMS maroon 'Princess Royal' (Fig 24). Les also ran his modified Tri-ang EMU (Fig 25)

Fig 23
Fig 24
Fig 25

On the stage Adam Draycott (Fig 26) won the prize for the most gauges, he had American outline trains running on 0, Standard, G scale and 2'' gauge (Fig 27), using MTH, Williams, Bachmann and Lionel stock including Lionel Hogwarts Express (Fig 28), the noise from this excellent layout made it one of the favourite attractions for our younger visitors (Fig 29)

Fig 26
Fig 28
Fig 27
Fig 29

Most of the Traders were in the centre of the hall, Bob Scott was selling Dublo Spares, Simon Goodyear with help from Jon Neesham had a good selection of Chad Valley sets, Paul Lumsdem of WJ Vintage was selling new 0 Gauge, Dixon Upcott sold mainly 00 Gauge including a large quantity of Master Models, Steve Knight had Airfix and Kitmaster Kits as well as various RTR stock and Bob Leggett had his usual mix of mainly 00 Gauge, most reported excellent sales.

As we leave the main hall and enter the small hall we pass Malcolm Hughes's lovely display of Train sets from N to 0 Gauge. These included, Graham Farish, Minitrix, Kader (Fig 30), Lone Star, Zeuke TT, Lima HO Express (Fig 31), Trackmaster, Rivarossi and Lionel (Fig 32), this was a very interesting exhibit showing the variety of styles of packaging over he years.

Fig 30
Fig 31
Fig 32

First Trader in the small hall was Rob Hampton selling mainly Tri-ang TT and 00 Gauge, I noted both he and Steve Knight sold their Tri-ang 00 Gauge Wagon Lit Coaches for £50-£65.

Alongside Colin Totem (Fig 33) had his Raylo exclusive models and other makers products (Fig 34).

Fig 33
Fig 34

I particularly liked the Bogie Tank wagons (Fig 35).

Fig 35

Paul Brookes was selling off part of his excellent Master Model Collection (Fig 36), including rare Garage Accessory sets (Fig 37) and informed me he was in the process of writing an addendum to his excellent Kemlow book.

Fig 36
Fig 37

Nicholas Oddy was selling O Gauge and larger and Peter Corley older 00 Gauge. At the far end it was a pleasure to see Brian Arnold exhibiting his Trix display layout on an original Vono board (Fig 38). The Layout was from a Trix Plan booklet (Fig 38a).

Fig 38
Fig 38a

While I was there he was having a chat with fellow Trix enthusiast Peter Graham (Fig 39).

Fig 39

Alongside Malcolm Foster, with help from Graham Frisby, had his Marklin HO gauge 3 rail stud track layout featuring pre and post war stock (Figs 40 & 41).

Fig 40
Fig 41

Although mainly Marklin I did spot an interloper, his Piko Belgian 0-8-0 Steam locomotive (Fig 42). The layout now features working signals and Malcolm is continuing to improve the layout for next year.

Fig 42

James Day with help from Derek Bond had James's magnificent Playcraft Railways and Roadway layout complete with buildings (Fig 43).

Fig 43

We are all use to James's impressive layouts and this did not disappoint, from the 40+ viaducts of the upper train level (Fig 44), a high level motorway and even a working 'sago' mill (Fig 45) this layout had everything produced by Jouef for Playcraft in the 60s and 70s.

Fig 44
Fig 45

I even spotted a Jouef made in Ireland 'BR blue 'Warship' Diesel (Fig 46).

Fig 46

Derek also had his 3D printing machine used for making spares (Fig 47) and had many on display including parts for a Tri-ang blue Pullman Car to convert to a kitchen Car (Fig 48), Battlespace parts (Fig 49) and Minic Motorway parts (Fig 50)

Fig 47
Fig 49
Fig 48
Fig 50

The final display area was the dining room off the main hall. Here Tony 'Steptoe' Penn was selling mainly 00 Gauge including a Tri-ang Defender set for £110 and Mark Carne a collection of mainly 0 Gauge.

As usual the main part of dining area was use As usual the main part of dining area was used for the excellent lunch of home-made Beef and mushroom stew with a choice of puddings including home made cherry crumble (Fig 51) . Many thanks to Karen Clements, Pau Pall, Selwa Draycott, Daphne Sargent, Mary Starrie, Ian Draycott and Marilyn Draycott for the superb meal, bacon rolls in the morning and cakes in the afternoon and tea all day long.

Fig 51

It was great for everyone to have such a wonderful show and we had one of our best ever attendances, by late morning the main hall was getting rather busy (Fig 52).

Thank you to Paul Draycott and his family for organising the show , Bryan Pentland for his help and to all the Exhibitors, Traders and Public who came to make this such a special event.

Fig 52