Yesterday, 6th December, the TCS were on display at the Leicester Abbey Sewage Pumping Museum annual Christmas event. And what a wonderful event it was.


Not only model railway and toy trains, but an endless list of attractions, including:  one of the four steam powered beam engines was working, accompanied with brass band Christmas music, a coal fired fish and chip van, vintage buses, cars, commercials, bicycles, motorcycles and a host of other industrial machinery, a working 1840 knitting frame, a Hornby Dublo layout in a telephone box and a light railway offering rides round the site.

The TCS duo of Malcolm Pugh and James Day had spent over 10 hours setting up a fully automatic LGB Christmas display complete with a Playmobil nativity set. They had pride of place being located in a sewer!!! yes.............make of that what you will.

Our TCS Leicester man Paul Draycott was enthralling the many children with his speedy Lionel 0 Gauge, well lubricated with 3 in ONE oil.

The big surprise for me was seeing a crowd gazing intently into the WH Smith platform kiosk rescued from Leicester station. What could they be looking at? The answer is a large Hornby Dublo layout run for the museum by TCS member Malcolm Foster. Magical!

If this event is run next year, make sure you don't miss it.

Here are some of the photographs I took.


Did you think I was joking about the sewer? The TCS LGB layout


By chance the shuttle controls got four trains in a row


What is inside?


The answer is .....A Hornby Dublo train and Meccano


Paul Draycott's Lionel complete with 3 in ONE oil


A model Leicester open top tram


THE COAL FIRED CHIPPY VAN........and the chips were just right.


The WHS kiosk. What are they looking at?


The answer is they are looking at this Hornby Dublo layout run by Malcolm Foster


The light railway


Finally, a 1958 Europa bodied Leyland Tiger Cub