TCS Summer Show 2022

Train Collectors Society Autumn Show Sat July 23rd 2022, Trinity Church Hall, Leicester

A 6am departure from Winchester with Tony Blackburn and 60's music for company, I arrived at Leicester just after 8am. I already knew there were great items for sale as Dave 'Chalky' White who put out some early direction signs, told me by phone of the Minic Motorway items he had purchased very early on from Dixon Upcott.

As usual I will described the show from the entrance which was manned by Paul Williams. Paul had been working overtime, on display was his rather sweet TT Gauge layout, he only built last week! Using Tri-ang TT A track, stock and buildings with scenery, the two locos I saw were kit-built Bec and Gem Pannier Tank bodies on Tri-ang chassis and were enjoyed by one of our younger visitors with his Mum (Fig 1).

Fig 1

Paul, Bryan Pentland and Paul Chapman were keeping eyes out for potential new members. Paul Chapman was also busy collecting subs for the new year.
Dave Angell had a vast amount of Tri-ang,Tri-ang Hornby and Hornby for sale (Fig 2). Opposite Dave was the TCS Bring and Buy stand (Fig 3) which had a bumper day with sales over £750.

Fig 2
Fig 3

There was some quality locos for sale including a Gauge 1 Loco (selling for £250), two scratch-built Gauge 1 0-4-4 M7 and D3 tanks (Fig 4) an LGB Set at £650 and Rolling stock (Fig 5) and according to Malcolm Pugh a lot of cheap items, many thanks to Malcolm, Paul Chapman, Tony Penn, Mark Carne and Brian Lambert for manning the stall and raising around £120 for Club Funds.

Fig 4
Fig 5

Leon Mills was in his usual spot selling ACE Trains and had on sale a nice CR blue Patriot (Fig 6).

Fig 6

The only display in the foyer was Chairman Bryan Pentland's excellent Marx three level 0 Gauge Tinplate layout (Fig 7) featuring pre-war Marx Trains and accessories. This included an Airship and plane on a central tower with both moving round by powered by the propellers on the plane. (Fig 8). Unique Trains made in New Jersey were on show (Fig 9), these appear to be copies/similar to Marx. With trains running on three levels and several circuits at table level, this was a very impressive display.

Fig 7
Fig 8
Fig 9
Fig 10

As we move into the Main Hall, Michael Foster and Barry Potter were both having a sociable time with various items for sale. Barry also found time to have a chat with Bob Field who was enjoying his day out (Fig 10).

On the left Mick French was selling a variety of Railway books and reported good sales.

Next was Nick and Maria trading as Checkrail (Fig 11) with stock from N-00 Gauge and trains running in the middle. Nick also reported good sales probably helped by testing his locos to potential sellers.

Fig 11

Opposite was Bob Leggett, who had his usual eclectic mix including several sets, a Dutch Lima TEE Set, Hornby Silver Jubilee Pullman Set, Minic Motorway set and Scalextric Extension set, which all sold (Fig 12).
Next was Chris Bush and Rodney Allam (Fig 13) who were selling a variety of spares and reference books on behalf of the RCTS, by the end they reported good sales with various Tri-ang Instruction sheets and catalogues selling well.

Fig 12
Fig 13

Alongside was Dixon Upcott with David O'Brien (Fig 14) sharing a small area, selling a good selection of mainly 00 Gauge. Apart from the Minic Motorway mentioned earlier, he had several Tri-ang Model Land Buildings and a good selection of rolling stock, Dixon as usual sold well.

Fig 14

Behind Dixon was David Knighton and friends with a lovely display titled 'Sunday at the Shed' and included 32 LNER 0 Gauge scratch-built and uncommon RTR Locomotives (Fig 15), one of the rarest was a clockwork Walker Fenn 4-6-0 Tank which may have a Marklin body (Fig16).

Fig 15
Fig 16

Alongside, Rob Hampton was selling Tri-ang TT and 00 Gauge, and a large collection of Lone Star (Fig 17)

Fig 17

Next to Rob was Simon and Adam Goodyear stock included Chad Valley 0 Gauge Sets, Hornby Dublo and I spotted a nice Hornby 0 Gauge ETAT Railcar set and PLM articulated Train (Fig 18) and a Bing Gauge 1 Engine Shed circa 1912 (Fig 19).

Fig 18
Fig 19

Opposite, against the wall was Dave Coddington and Elspeth (Fig 20) with his wonderful display of Tri-ang TT.

Fig 20

We all know Dave has a vast collection of all Tri-ang trains and on show was everything Tri-ang produced in TT. It was a truly amazing display including the Gold Train Set, blue A1A A1A and a nice Merchant Navy repainted in blue (Fig 21), a very rare lime green Diesel Shunter (Fig 22) and Continental ICI Tank wagon (Fig 23). Stock was running continuously on six circuits.

Fig 21
Fig 22
Fig 23

Alongside Dave Lyon was running Hornby 00 Gauge Live Steam (Fig 24).

This was another great display as Dave has perfected the art of running theses trains and had all but two of the locos Hornby produced running. They performed perfectly and I was taken with Silver Link pulling a rake of Pullman and Teak coaches (Fig 24- Movie) and spotted Dwight D Eisenhower getting ready to pull 30 NE Vans (Fig 25). The controls have been modified to ensure smoother and more realistic running .

Fig 24 Movie
Fig 25

In front of the stage Paul Brookes was selling off part of his excellent Master Model Collection (Fig 26), including a copy Paul made of the rare Gamda Bedford (Fig 27).

Fig 26
Fig 27

As we leave the main hall and enter the small hall we pass David Ramsey selling various Hornby and other makers Rolling stock and spares.

First Trader in the small hall was Colin Totem with Raylo exclusive models including a splendid selection of Atlantics of which he sold four on the day at £695 each (Fig 28) and also had on sale a private commissioned ACE A4 'Woodstock', in LNER grey, (Fig 29)

Fig 28
Fig 29

Nicholas Oddy was selling O Gauge including a nice Bing Atlantic (Fig 30)

Fig 30

and Dave Bowns was selling Hornby-Dublo (Fig 31)

At the far end it was a pleasure to see Paul Chapman's excellent display of Lima 0 Gauge Rolling Stock (Fig 32).

Fig 31
Fig 32

Rachel and Bill Vyse had moved to this hall from their usual spot and had a Hornby O Gauge layout call Foul Anchor which was a station on the Wisbech-Sutton Bridge Railway (Fig 33) and features various agricultural displays. I also liked the use of a Hornby Goods depot as a garage (Fig 34).

Fig 33
Fig 34

As usual the dining area was used for the excellent lunch, which this year was a healthy salad (Fig 35) followed by Crumble or Fruit Salad. Many thanks to Diane Johnson, Pav Pall, Judith Saunders, Mary Starrie, Paul Draycott, Adam Draycott and Marilyn Draycott for the superb meal, bacon rolls in the morning and cakes in the afternoon and tea, coffee and soft drinks all day long.

Fig 35

It was great for everyone to have such a wonderful show, by late morning the main hall was getting rather busy (Fig 36).The attendance was on a par with recent shows although most came early on this time. The Society was able to make a surplus of around £200.

Thank you to Bryan Pentland and Paul Draycott and his family for organising the show and other members, Exhibitors, Traders and Public who came to make this such a special event.

Bob Leggett