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One of the great benefits of becoming a member of the Train Collectors Society is your subscription to Train Collector.

The Train Collector is published quarterly in full colour using the
latest digital print technology. Being produced in this way it has been
possible to include a feature that would not have been possible by
previous methods within the budget available, full colour!

The current editor is Nicholas Oddy.

As always full of fascinating articles, including:

    • From The Membership Secretary

    • Minutes Of The Committee Meeting of The Train Collectors’ Society

    • Johan Philipp Meier – The Way To The Penny Toy. Part 2: Meier ’s Railway Penny Toys

    • The Origins Of 00 Gauge

    • Clockwork Continental Tanks

    • 1924–2024 - A Century Of British Outline 4mm Goods Wagons

    • The End Of The Line

    • The Last British 0 Gauge Tinplate Clockwork Train

    • Kingsland Express

    • Liliput: In The USA and The UK

    • Who? Why? When?

    • A Snapshot Of History

    • Going Loco In The Farmyard

    • Something Fishy

    • The Demise Of Bing, The End Of A Great Toy Train Manufacturer

    • A Tale Of Two (North Eastern) Locos

    • Responses To Previous Issues

    • Train Collectors Society Spring Show

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