Hello again.

The renovated Truescale stations described in my last post are now in place on my round-the -room shelf top layout.

With the rail level at  a height of 5 feet 9 inches, a lightweight folding aluminium decorators trestle is used for operation. My layouts are stacked with O, HO, and N on the lower levels.   These photographs show Trix Twin post war items, but in pre-grouping livery. At this point in time the Trix lithographic tin printing on the LMS, LNER and Southern coaches is of a very high standard. The printing of the private owner goods wagons is also excellent......I think the best of any 00 items, far superior to later plastic items from any manufacturer.

I have just had a few good hours playing trains, and took these shots during the session today. What better way to spend an afternoon when it is O deg C outside?


Trix Twin LNER on goods waits in the siding whilst an LMS express is on the main line


Trix Twin LNER goods still waits whilst the LMS express passes through the station


Trix Twin LNER express departs the Manyways station, passing the Woodside signal box


Trix Twin Southern train has left the local halt.