About Us

Founded in 1979 for those with a broad interest in the collecting of toy and model trains. Based in the UK there are approximately 500 members worldwide, including Europe, USA, Canada, and Australia.

The quarterly magazine “TRAIN COLLECTOR”, this website, and social media provide a forum for news of the hobby, information sharing and discussion.

Members have a wide range of interests from early tinplate toy trains down to modern digital model railways, and are encouraged to research details of their specific interests and share their findings.

The society arranges meetings for members to get to know each other, exchange information, exhibit their collections, and to buy and sell items.

At present there are three annual events , the Spring get-together and AGM and the Summer exhibition, both held at Biggleswade in Bedfordshire, and the Autumn get-together in Leicester.

If you are interested in model railways and toy trains, then why not consider joining the Train Collectors Society. Details can be found here.

And click here for a little more about our hobby