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The Train Collectors Society has accumulated an archive of about 100,000 model and toy train photos and related information. As well as until recently been editing the Train Collector, Pat Hammond has been been curating these, identifying and captioning them and generally imposing some order so they will be a more useful resource.  We are making this available in two ways.

First we will from time to time put up a small selection of items from the archive, based on a particular theme, and with a short explanatory note. Each selection will only remain on the site for a few months and then be removed to make way for newer items. The first pages are:

April 2018

Gauge 2 from the house of Bing

Live steam; copyright Wallis & Wallis

The Second Oldest Model Railway Club

Train Collectors Society archive

Earlier Trains from earlier Train Collectors

Train Collectors Society archive
CR 700

Now with added Exley photos

Train Collectors Society picture gallery - Vectis Auctions

These will only remain up for a limited period, so if you really like the photos, please feel free to download for your personal use (copyright is with the photographer and / or the TCS and material may not be used for commercial purposes without appropriate permission).

Secondly, if you are researching  or writing about toy trains or model railways and looking for illustrations please do make contact with Pat Hammond with details of your requirements. He may well be able to find you just the picture!


The copyright of each picture belongs to someone, usually the person who originally took the photograph, and, where known, this is included at the end of each caption (after a hyphen). Please respect the owners’ rights. Usually the picture owner has no objection to anyone using their pictures for non-commercial purposes such as in the society’s magazine. When used in an article, the owner normally requires is that the source of the picture is acknowledged in print.

Abbreviations used to identify the source of existing pictures:
V = Vectis Auctions
LSK = Lacy Scott & Knight
Wallis = Wallis & Wallis Auctions
SAS = Special Auction Services
Rails = Rails of Sheffield Model Shop
Hattons = Hattons Model Shop
PEH = Pat Hammond

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