Two of the most iconic steam locos types in the world must be the NYC Hudsons and the LNER Pacifics. The real thing has always attracted considerable attention from both enthusiasts and the general public while myriad models and toys have been made over the years, often as prestige items by their makers

So it is great news that TCS member Fred van der Lubbe has produced yet another fascinating book based round photos of models in his collection, this time featuring models of these wonderful prototypes, entitled LNER Pacifics and NYC Hudsons. As in previous books many of the beautiful scale models of these locos made in recent years are featured but there are plenty of the more straightforward (?) toys as well to delight us.



It is now available, free to download, in PDF format. To do so click on this icon TCSDocimgsmall to go to the TCS Document Folder and then download the file LNER Pacifics and NYC HudsonsSmall.pdf. It is also available as a larger file LNER Pacifics and NYC HudsonsLarge.pdf.  The difference between the two (apart from the size) is that the picture quality is better in the large version. The small version is perfectly adequate for reading on-line, but if you wanted to print out a copy for your personal delectation then you might want to use the large version.

Fred has also made some updates to his previous books (CIWL carriages, Non CIWL Luxury Trains and Tin stuff)and these revised versions are also available in the as both small and large versions for you to download in the TCS Document Folder.

Many thanks to Fred for sharing all this with us.

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