TCS members Malcolm Pugh and James Day took a vintage road and rail display to the Slot Car event at the Heritage Motor Museum at Gaydon last weekend (14/15 May).

There is a link to a video that Malcolm took here and you can download the 13534493561426065224Adobe  Slot Cars as Roadways handout that was available at the display here.

All the trains, track and other railway related items were sold in the UK as Playcraft, as were all the buildings. The Windmill, Watermill and Saw Mill are Pola for Playcraft, but they all have a Faller connection. The Watermill was supplied with a Faller Pump when new. The original motors in the other two were a crude vibrator type so they have been re-engineered to take the huge Faller asynchronous motor. All were run on 18v AC.

The slot cars and tracks are a mixture or Playcraft, Faller, Rasant, Bauer, Tyco US-1 and Life Like. The cars are all running the “wrong” (i.e. right!) side of the road. Playcraft never made Crossroads or Level Crossings, but the compatible Aurora track system contained Intersections and Grade Crossings, but these are marked up for Right Hand running so it seemed a pity to remove or obliterate the markings.

And even if you missed the show Malcolm and James are hoping to bring a slightly more rail-oriented version of this layout to the next TCS Autumn Get-together in Leicester on November 5th.