Streamliners (mainly) in the Garden

TCS Member Fred Van der Lubbe has recently written an article for the Train Collector magazine (see the June 2017 issue) on French toy train streamliners. As well as the article Fred has also provided a great set of videos mainly shot on his garden layout featuring many of the trains mentioned, for our enjoyment.

CR (Rossignol)

0 Gauge clockwork Streamlined toy-train made by CR (Charles Rossignol) in France in 1950 running in the garden

A 28 mm gauge CR (Charles Rossignol) clockwork toy train-set which does not need track; the locomotive wheels are set-up such that it runs in a circle.

Gauge 0 clockwork (wind-up) toy-train boxed set made by CR (Charles Rossignol) some 60 years ago in France.

CR (Rossignol) and JEP

Small streamline gauge 0 trains in the garden. First a CR train Eclair clockwork locomotive with tender, passenger car and bagage car. Second a JEP blue clockwork streamliner with postal van, bagage car and pullman. Then a 3-rail electric JEP red streamline set

(Train aerodynamique articule ref 5733.2 de 1938)


For comparison: a JEP 4-4-4 streamlined locomotive and JEP 2-4-0 streamlined locomotive, both with a postal, a Pullman and a baggage car.

JEP S Gauge clockwork train. Here we see a very small French made JEP clockwork train at speed in the garden.

JEP train de marchandises et train de voyageurs dans le jardin.

3-rail electric JEP trains in the garden; the goods train is pre-war while the passenger-train is post-war.

JEP 0 Gauge small wind up trainset. A small clockwork train set from JEP; it looks nice but running it with the track from the set is a bit of a failure.


This is a clockwork/wind-up French Hornby tinplate 0 gauge train; it is a PLM streamliner running in the garden. The coach is a Hachette replica.

French Hornby 3-rail electric toy-train; based on the PLM streamline train this is a simple 0-4-0 running in the garden.

This is an 0 gauge 3-rail French Hornby set named Etoile du Nord. The locomotive is a 4-4-2 Nord type steamliner (should have been an 4-6-2), the coaches are ETAT type.

LR (Le Rapide)

Gauge 0 tin litho clockwork toy-train made by LR (Le Rapide) in France running in the garden

Clockwork 0 Gauge LR (Le Rapide) French toy-train with two Le Rapide coaches.

LR (Le Rapide) 0 Gauge toy-train 4-4-2 locomotive with 4 blue coaches running in the garden with JEP and CR accessories.