Report on the TCS 2017 Leicester Get-Together held at Trinity Methodist Church, Leicester on 4th November 2017

Words by Bob Leggett,  photos by Bob Leggett unless otherwise indicated
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I arrived at 9am, later than usual due to the heavy rain for the whole two and a half hour journey from Alresford, Hants. However gloom from the weather soon disappeared as I was met by fellow collectors and traders already setting up for another excellent show organised by Paul Draycott.

                               To Toy Train heaven in a hand car?
                                                         Video thanks to Michael Bowes

With a number of regulars unable to make the show there were several changes including new layouts and traders. One thing however, despite Marilyn’s absence from the kitchen due to a broken leg, the Christmas Lunch was as good as ever although there were a few groans from those who missed Marilyn’s shortbread!

As usual I will describe the show from the main entrance foyer.

Members of the Trinity Church covered the entrance all day

Rod Hannah and Tony Stanford manned the TCS club information stand and signed up three new members as well as renewing several memberships.

The first new layout was by Malcolm and Stuart Foster who had a Marklin H0 Gauge layout n on 7’ 6’’ x 4’ board with two circuits and sidings, running pre and post war stock this was a very neat layout with plenty of shunting opportunities.

Alongside, Michael Foster was promoting his series of British Trains Books, the fourth book is in the process of being written and Michael had some Brimtoy items for photography. Michael informed me there are less than five of the first books left so if you have not yet purchased one, this is your last chance!

Trading in their usual places were Phil Goater who had a wonderful Marklin pre WW1 Clockwork set, Chris Ford with his excellent range of spares, between Chris and Phil ?, Bob Field with Dublo and Acho including a nice Acho USA Tank for £100, Bob reported good business, opposite David Parry, David Poselthwaite and Peter Wright managed the club ‘Bring and Buy’ Stand. Busy all day nearly £400 was sold with the 10% commission and donations raising over £40 for the table at Warley.

Leon Mills had a busy day with the wonderful new ACE Jubilee Locomotive. Retailing at £665 he sold 9 models!

Train Collectors Society Leicester 2017

ACE Jubilee

As we enter the main hall Michael Aylott was selling 00 and N gauge and I also spotted a nice Jouef Golden Arrow Set for £30, opposite was Peter Berry with a superb display of Graham Farish 00 Gauge including their Merchant Navy Class Locomotive and was selling his usual early 00 Gauge spares.

Train Collectors Society Leicester 2017

Further along the left wall Brian Pentland was running motorised Hatchette Etat Locomotives and stock amongst a city of tin buildings (no less than 60!) A very colourful layout and an ideal transformation of Hatchette Locos.

In the far corner Dave Peasant and Uncle Pete were running 0 gauge on a triple circuit using Lionel Easi-lay track. Pete’s stock was in operation as I passed and included a Corgi Bassett-Lowke Princess, Darstead Jinty and an ACE N2 with ACE Pullmans and LMS coaches, plenty of scenic interest with a Tri-ang Minic Garage, farmyard, lots of Tri-ang Minic vehicles and a high level display with a bus garage.

Train Collectors Society Leicester 2017

Dave Peasant Corgi BL Princess

Another new layout was Bob Fleming’s excellent ‘Multiple Units and Railcars’. Bob had a tremendous variety of EMU’s by Hornby, Bachmann, Wrenn and Tri-ang, railbuses by Heljan, Airfix and even a K’s kitbuilt railbus, Bachmann ‘Thumper 2 car unit’ and 1990’s Hornby DMU’S, All were on a 6 x 4 layout with plenty of sidings.


Train Collectors Society Leicester 2017

EMU Heaven!

Dave White and Les Martin had set up a wonderful Tri-ang Super 4 /Minic Motorway, Model Land and Arkitex layout, with working Minic/Train crossing and as much scenery and buildings in a relatively small space, this was a popular layout, yours truly was also able to show off his ‘Tri-ang ‘Christmas’ Pullman car which was recently purchased from an artist selling on ebay.

Train Collectors Society Leicester 2017

Dave White's layout

Train Collectors Society Leicester 2017

Bob's Christmas Train

Bill and Rachel Vyse were given the responsibility of filling the stage and did a great job, running Ace, Hornby and other stock on Hornby O Gauge track with a raised road across the stage. It was filled with Bayko buildings and Dinky Vehicles, also Hornby Station and other buildings, Farms and a full siding fill the front right hand side, running when I was there were an ACE BR M7 with a goods train and Britannia with LNER Tourist Stock.

Train Collectors Society Leicester 2017

The Vyse's on stage - Britannia Rattling through Hornby Station

Traders in the main hall included Peter Gurd with a collection of ephemera, books and models including Arkitex Ultra Modern Station and Minic Car ferry Set, Bob Leggett with his usual mix of Toys and Trains, Roy Brooks with plenty of ex shop stock Lone Star 000, Bob Scott with Dublo spares, Peter Corley with a mix of N, 00 Gauge and Books and videos, Peter even sold a Sony Camcorder! And Robert Jacovittz? who was selling Hornby O Gauge. Simon Goodyear also turned up a bit later than most with usual fine trains including some lovely Lionel.

In the walkway to the small hall the Club display stand was featuring ‘Un-named Trains, several interesting Locomotives were on view, I particularly liked the Ives Loco and tender and a Bing for B/L Precursor Tank.

Train Collectors Society Leicester 2017

Club Display Stand Precursor Tank


Train Collectors Society Leicester 2017

Club Display Stand Ives (by Lionel)


As we enter the smaller hall on our right was Rob Hampton selling his new Tri-ang TT book, this is a must for Tri-ang TT enthusiasts but will be well like by all as Rob has used the same format as used by Pat Hammond and consequently makes it very easy to read. Rob also had on display two rare Continental Sets, two blue AIA AIA diesels as well as some prototype models and other stock for sale.

Train Collectors Society Leicester 2017

Rob Hampton with his TT book

Alongside our editor, Nicholas Oddy, was selling Hornby 0 Gauge. in the far corner Trix fans were running Brian Arnold’s (Brian was there on the day but somehow I missed him) excellent Trix set up which had a blue/white four car Meteor running round. I can see why this would have fascinated school boys of the 1950s.

Train Collectors Society Leicester 2017

Paul Brooks was running and displaying the rare Hugar Southern Electric sets. Paul created new Hugar style track using Tri-ang Super 4 to ensure smooth running, he even refitted a Dublo bogie to the motor coach to ensure consistent running. This did entail carving out a much bigger hole in the wooden body. Paul believes Hugar were the first company to introduce 00 Gauge 2-rail. (just before Graham Farish). A Hugar village was also on display as well as three other Hugar EMU sets, two in original boxes.

Train Collectors Society Leicester 2017

Hugar set on new track

Colin Totem trading as Raylo was selling ETS, ACE and Darstead and had the latest ETS 1400 Tank and Auto Railcar sets. I was also impressed with the Seven Mill A4 models built using DJH body kits and twin ETS motorised mechs. I also liked the ETS Railcars.

Train Collectors Society Leicester 2017

ETS Railcars

This hall however was filled in the middle by James Day’s and Malcolm Pugh’s Playmobil Railway and Carrera 1:24 Slot Car layout, with train/road crossings built by Martin Doubleday. Allowing the public to operate the trains with a two train operation and plenty of Wild West buildings and scenery this was a much admired layout. I was particularly impressed with the large scale slot car system which is bigger than Scalextric and ran well all day. James advised me that he is still using the same systems boxes built by John Rogers for the road rail crossings he had with his Tri-ang layouts almost 30 years ago.

                                                         Video thanks to Malcolm Pugh

The Christmas lunch was up to its usual high standards, in fact I believe the soup was the best yet and with refreshments all day the kitchen staff did a wonderful job. Many thanks to the whole team - Elaine Priestley, Neal Priestley, Karen Clements, Simon Draycott, Janet Tilley, Daphne Sargent, Pav Pall, Carol Ireland, Judith Saunders and Brenda D'Arcy.

Train Collectors Society Leicester 2017

Dave White tucking into the Chrismas Lunch

Finally a big thank you to Paul Draycott for yet another great show. Despite Marylyn’s injury and the loss of some regulars and late dropouts, the show was as good as ever and enjoyed by all.

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