TCS 2022 Leicester Get together

TCS Autumn Gathering. Trinity Church Hall, Leicester Saturday Nov 5th 2022

Report by Bob Leggett

A record attendance of over 200 converged on Leicester to enjoy the TCS Autumn event at Trinity Church Hall and I'm sure they all enjoyed the quality of layouts and variety of traders stock.

Fig 1

It was obvious when I started writing the report that numbers were up as you could hardly move in the Foyer (Fig 1). Nigel and Malcolm from Trinity Church manned the door and had a busy day (Fig 1a).

The first Trader was Chris Bush with Dave Skellington (Fig 2) who were selling Railway ephemera and various spares on behalf of the RCTS. On the corner Robert Jachacz was selling mainly Hornby 0 Gauge (Fig 3).

Fig 1a
Fig 2
Fig 3

The bring and buy stall run by Malcolm Pugh and Pete Wright and Dave Parry from Trinty Church and was quite frantic in the morning. It also became a great hunting ground for Tri-ang collectors when mid morning a collection of  Tri-ang 00 Gauge Canadian Sets (Fig 4) and ATT Burlington Coach Packs (Fig 5) appeared on the sales table, two sets and both Packs were quickly snapped up.

Fig 4
Fig 5

Other goodies on the table included a rarely seen 00 Gauge kit-built BR Bullied 4-Car Double Deck EMU Set on sale for £425 (Fig 6), a good collection of 00 Gauge kit-built Locomotives and Playcraft, I also spotted three Hamblings OO Gauge SR Coaches for £38 early which was snapped up before I could photo them.  Sales were nearly £1000 and £120 was raised for the club and will help finance the TCS Test track at Warley.Well done to Malcolm and his team.

Fig 6
Fig 7

Opposite was Dave Angell with assistance from John Sergeant (Fig 7) selling mostly Tri-ang, Tri-ang Hornby and Hornby and reported excellent sales.

Leon Mills was in his usual spot selling ACE 0 Gauge, on display was a Golden Arrow Pullman Coach 'Cecelia' with Lighting (Fig 8), LMS maroon Diesel 10000 (Fig 9) and a body of the proposed Gresley E/36 2-8-2 (Fig 10) which will be in production soon.

Fig 8
Fig 9
Fig 10

Bryan Pentland with help from Paul Chapman (Fig 11) and Paul Williams had the only layout in the foyer, a wonderful Tomy Display which was full of Trains, Planes (Fig 12) and Automobiles (Fig 13) moving all round the layout. Of particular note was a Helix in the front corner (Fig 14).

Fig 11
Fig 12
Fig 13
Fig 14

Walking into the main hall we are greeted by Michael Foster selling his Books and ETS spares, who seem to have a chat with everyone, seen here with Tony Penn and Paul Draycott (Fig 15). Tony was selling mainly 00 Gauge (Fig 16).

Fig 15
Fig 16

Next was Adam Draycott (Fig 17) with a rather special ex-Shop Display Marklin Z Gauge layout, believe to have come from Norcol Model Shop in Leicester approx 30 years ago. The Continental (Fig18) and American (Fig 19) outline stock ran well all day.

Fig 17
Fig 18
Fig 19

Alongside was Mark Carne (Fig 20) who was selling mainly O Gauge and larger and had a great selection of Stations, Goods Depots and Signal Boxes (Fig 21).

Fig 20
Fig 21
Fig 22

Dave White (Fig 22) took over an empty table selling mainly Tri-ang 00 Gauge and was later joined by Derek Bond and James Day selling various spares including a variety of 3D printed Tri-ang parts.

On the far side of the hall David Knighton and Jonathan and Oli Ward had a superb LMS 0 Gauge layout using Hornby, Middleton and Merkur track and running early stock including Bassett-Lowke and Millbro to modern ACE. There was a lovely selection of original and repro buildings (Fig 23 and 24).

Fig 23
Fig 24

I spotted two rare R Models of Cheltenham wagons (Fig 25) and a Bassett-Lowke 1930's 3-Car Watford Unit (Fig 26) running with a modern ACE set. David also had a nice set up to acknowledge Bonfire night (Fig 27).

Fig 25
Fig 26
Fig 27

Next was Geraldine Steele (Fig 28) and Alan Walker with a superb Lego layout running a great variety of stock including a 3-Car set (Fig 29) and a Santa Fe set with wonderfully detailed coaches (Fig 30 and 31). This was another layout that was much liked by the families that came to the show (we all loved it as well!)

Fig 28
Fig 29
Fig 30
Fig 31

The centre of the room was occupied by the majority of  the Traders, Dixon Upcott had an excellent variety of 00 Gauge (Fig 32). Steve Knight of the Kitmaster Club had a good selection of Kits and various other 00 Gauge stock, Bob Leggett (Fig 33) had his usual mix including an Ever Ready Underground set with a new motor bogie sold for £90 and Tri-ang electric Dockmaster Set for £70.

Fig 32
Fig 33

The Goodyear Brothers Simon and Adam were selling mainly vintage larger gauges including a rare Marklin GWR 0-6-0 Tank for £500 (Fig 34) and various Tank wagons (Fig 35).

Fig 34
Fig 35

Rob Hampton (Fig 36) had Tri-ang TT as well as Tri-ang 00, N Gauge and Lonestar 000, I also spotted a nice group of Berliner Bahnn TT for £20 (Fig 37).

Fig 36
Fig 37

Peter Corley (Fig 38) was selling early 00 Gauge models and sold a Kirdon 10000 and DMU early on.  Bob Scott (Fig 39) had a full table of Dublo Spares and accessories.

Fig 38
Fig 39

In front of the stage Paul Brookes (Fig 40) was still selling off parts of his Master Models collection including a multitude of Girder Bridges (Fig 41) and a pair of rare Hugar for Britains Cottage (Fig 42).

Fig 40
Fig 41
Fig 42

In the passage way to the small hall David Ramsey (Fig 43) was selling off the collection of the late Tony Twiggs, including Locomotives, Signs and Stations (Fig 44) and Buildings (Fig 45).

Fig 43
Fig 44
Fig 45

Moving into the small hall we find Colin Totem trading as Raylo selling various exclusive editions including the last of the excellent LNER Atlantics for £695 (Fig 46) before the tools are altered to produce the SR and LBSCR Atlantics, hopefully next year.

Fig 46

At the far end David and Jan Nevett (Fig 47) were displaying David's and David Holt's wonderful collection of Wilson 00 Gauge models and other items. I was shown the latest find which was a Wilson Custom Build model believe to have been commissioned by The Mining Engineering Company (Fig 48). I was also taken by an articulated Robertson's Marmalade lorry (Fig 49).

Fig 47
Fig 48
Fig 49

Half the room was Dave (Fig 50) and Peter Peasant's attractive O Gauge layout with lovely scenic scenes. I was impressed with a Deltic running round (Fig 51) and the excellent detail along the back viaduct.

Fig 50
Fig 51

Other Traders in the hall were Dave Bowns (Fig 52) with mainly Hornby-Dublo and Nicholas Oddy with a selection of Large gauge Locomotives and accessories (Fig 53).

Fig 52
Fig 53

One of the many highlights of the show is the wonderful Christmas lunch provided by the team from the Church, A 3-course meal for £8 was enjoyed by 80 visitors over two sittings. I was able to have a very enjoyable lunch with Alan Robinson (drove down from Newcastle), Neil Smith, Dave White and Andy and Elaine of Elaine's Trains (Fig 54). We also had Bacon Rolls in the morning, Cakes in the afternoon and Tea and coffee all day, many thanks to Karen Clements, Ian Draycott, Adam Draycott,  Salwa Draycott, Daphne Sargent, Diane Johnson, Elaine Priestley, Judith Saunders, Mary Starie, Eliana Draycott, Neil Draycott, Paul and Marilyn Draycott some making it for a photo at the end (Fig 55).

Fig 54
Fig 55

The show was a great success with many people staying most of the day, the main hall being busy most of the time (Fig 56)

Fig 56

Big thank you to Paul Draycott and his family and friends and Bryan Pentland for organising the show. Thank you also to all the Exhibitors and Traders for making it such a great day out.