TCS 2023 Leicester Get together

TCS Autumn Gathering. Trinity Church Hall, Leicester Saturday Nov 4th 2023

Report and pics Bob Leggett

Video Oscar Paisley

Another excellent crowd enjoyed the annual Autumn Train show at Trinity Church Hall, many of whom stayed for the delicious Christmas Lunch cooked by members of the Church.

Many thanks to Ray, Eric, Peter and David from Trinity Church who manned the entrance, which was busy all day.

The first thing to catch your eye as you walked in was Bryan Pentland amazing eclectic display of working models (Fig 1) featuring Schuco monorail from 1960, Eheim Trolley Buses, Champion Flyer (Fig 2), Biller-Bahn and an Alps (Japan) Cable Car Funicular railway (Fig 3, my favourite item of the day), and around the outside was Hornby-Dublo 3-Rail track which had an Ever Ready Underground Set, Brimtoy 00 Gauge and Biller-Bahn Narrow Gauge Trains taking turns running round throughout the day, Also thanks to Paul Chapman and Paul Williams who helped Bryan during the day and sort out a few gremlins early on.

Fig. 1
Fig. 2

The bring and buy stall run by Malcolm Pugh and James Day was busy as usual (Fig 4), so keen were some buyers that a tray of 25 assorted N Gauge buildings was only on the table for 30 seconds before it was promptly purchased for £25. The most expensive item sold was a Bassett-Lowke 0 Gauge Prince of Wales for £75. A lovely Tinplate Goods Depot sold for £10 (Fig 5). Overall sales were £660 and along with donated items £76 was raised for the TCS, well done Malcolm and James.

Fig. 4
Fig. 5

Opposite was Dave Angell (Fig 6) selling mostly Tri-ang, Tri-ang Hornby and Hornby and as last years reported excellent sales.

Leon Mills was in his usual spot selling ACE 0 Gauge, a large selection of  ACE Trains were on the table including a pair of the excellent Deltic Diesels (Fig 7).

Fig. 7

Fig. 8

Walking into the main hall we are greeted by Michael Foster and friends, Michael was selling his recent Books, ETS spares and Christmas Cards, Alongside Michael was Rod and Christine Sanderson promoting 78 Derngate in Northampton. The interior of the House was redesigned in 1916 by Charles Rennie Mackintosh for W J Bassett-Lowke.

Opposite was Mark Carne. who was selling mainly O Gauge and larger and had a great selection of French outline Stations, Goods Depot and Signal (Fig 8).

Alongside Tony Penn was selling cheap and cheerful 00 Gauge Locomotives, many for only a tenner. Not surprisingly Tony had a very good day.

Next was Luke Whitney who was selling his late father's (David Collinson) collection of mainly Lionel and he was very pleased with his sales.

In Peter Gurd's old corner David and Jan Nevett were displaying David's Lovely collection of Wilson Lorries including the uncommon Robertson's Marmalade artic (Fig 9). A really lovely and very colourful collection.

Fig. 9

On the far side of the hall Jonathan and Oli Ward had a superb Model Railway 0 Gauge Terminus layout featuring vintage and vintage style stock. I was particularly impressed with the CCW kitbuilt BR Class 101 Railcar (Fig10)

Next were Roger and Barbara Burnish and Grandson Ethan with their popular Hornby-Dublo layout featuring many neverwazzas and conversions. Spotted in the sidings were a motorised Budgie 0-6-0 and a Dinky Toys Die-cast 0-4-0 (Fig 11)

Fig. 11

On the front of the stage Paul Brookes was selling Master Models, Liliput and Kemlow items (Fig 12) and related accessories including Hugar and Bradshaw's wooden stations and other buildings and bridges (Fig 13). Paul is writing a book on Wardie and if anyone has anything unusual please contact Paul.

Fig. 12
Fig. 13

The centre of the room was occupied by the majority of  the Traders, Dixon Upcott had an excellent variety of 00 Gauge, Peter Corley was selling Brass and white metal scratch-built 00 Gauge Locos also a Hamblings Lord Nelson, Paul Draycott was selling mainly uncommon 00 Gauge, I spotted a pair of refurbished Hornby-Dublo City of Nottingham Locomotives for £175 each (Fig 14), Bob Leggett had his usual mix including a Minic Motorway Commercial Set which sold for £90 and a Hornby-Dublo/Tri-ang Terminus Station selling for £160

Fig. 14

Adam Goodyear was selling mainly vintage larger gauges including a Bassett-Lowke Boiler wagon  and Mills SR Coach (Fig 15). Rob Hampton had a good selection of Tri-ang TT and 00 Gauge, Bob Scott had a full table of  Dublo Spares and accessories.


In the passage way to the small hall David Ramsey was selling off more of his collection.

Moving into the small hall we find Dave 'Chalky' White with his excellent Hornby AcHO and Minic Motorway Layout, well looked after by Neil Bowsher, Les Martin and Neil Smith who tried to take the praise for the layout! (Fig 16 & 16a), Dave also featured a large Pola Factory and Cement Works with Playcraft Cement trucks (Fig 17)

Fig. 16
Fig. 16a
Fig. 17

On the far wall David Rhodes (Fig 18) was celebrating Class A4 Locomotives and had Dinky, Hornby and Bachmann 00 Models, various static models which were altered to re-create the great gathering, Hornby Silver Fox was on Duty when I was passing (Fig19) and I also spotted a part conversion from an A4 to a B17 (Fig 20), later on when I had another look David was very relaxed playing his Ukulele ! (Fig 21).

Fig. 18
Fig. 20
Fig. 21

In the corner Derek Bond (Fig 22) had his very fast growing selection of 3D spares for sale, these included many for the Minic Motorway and Tri-ang Battlespace range (Fig 23) and even Snoopy got in on the act (Fig 24), a machine was working well at the show producing more Battlespace Rockets.

Fig. 22
Fig. 23
Fig. 24

Half the room was filled with  Dave and Peter Peasant's attractive O Gauge layout with lovely scenic scenes. I was impressed with the Church scene (Fig 25) and the excellent station detail including two ladies hanging around the men's loo!!! (Fig 26). I managed to catch a Bassett-Lowke Prince Charles stopping at one of the lovely wooden stations (Fig 27).

Fig. 25
Fig. 26
Fig. 27

Traders in the hall were Dave Bowns with mainly Hornby-Dublo including a City of Liverpool (Fig 28) for £125 and Nicholas Oddy with a selection of Large gauge Locomotives and accessories including a lovely Gilco Road Sign set (Fig 29).

Fig. 28
Fig. 29

In the dining area were Geraldine Steele and Alan Walker with a lovely 4'x2' N Gauge layout 'Kettlewell' (Fig 30) which they inherited and have since renovated and improved it with additional scenery. Locomotives were mainly Minitrix (Fig 31) and rolling stock mostly Graham Farish and Peco.

Fig. 30
Fig. 31
Fig. 32
Fig. 33

One of the many highlights of the show is the wonderful Christmas lunch with all the trimings provided by the catering team from the Church, A 3-course meal for £10 was enjoyed by over 80 visitors over two sittings. I was able to have a very enjoyable lunch with fellow Tri-ang Collectors, Rolande Allen (in the UK for the first time in six years), Neil Smith, Dave White and Les Martin (Fig 32),  We also had Bacon Rolls in the morning, Cakes in the afternoon and Tea and coffee all day, many thanks to the catering team, Karen Clements, Pav Pall, Ian Draycott, Adam Draycott,  Daphne Sargent, Elaine Priestley, Judith Saunders, Mary Starie, Paul and Marilyn Draycott and also Debbie Johnson who also helped pull a vehicle out of the mud!,  most making it for a photo at the end (Fig 33).

The show was a great success with many people staying until early afternoon.

A Big thank you to Paul Draycott and his family and friends for organising the show. Thank you also to all the Exhibitors, Traders and visitors for making it such a great day out.