TCS Summer Show 2023, @ Gaydon Motor Museum

The Train Collectors Society, Trix Twin Railway Collector's Association and The Bassett-Lowke Society inaugural Joint Toy Trains and Model Railway Exhibition at the The British Motor Museum, Gaydon, Warwickshire.
Sat 3rd June 2023.

Firstly congratulations to Bryan Pentland, David O'Brien and Mike Green for making this event happen by uniting our three Societies.

Setting up got off to a slow start, but Dixon Upcott, David, Bryan and the Gaydon events manager pulled out all the stops to get everything ready for the traders and exhibitors pouring in by mid-morning Friday, over 160 tables were required to accommodate everyone especially the very large Bassett Lowke layouts.

Despite a few other smaller issues, by mid Friday everything was beginning to fall in place and when I arrived at 8am Saturday, most of the exhibition was in good shape.

I will take you through the event starting at the entrance, Paul and Shirley Williams manned the door and welcomed members and the Public. Paul even had the chance to set up one of his lovely miniature layouts (Fig 1). Both were heavily involved in the planning of this large event.

Fig. 1

The first display in the entrance lobby was the excellent Trix Society's layout (Fig 2) which was managed by Adrian Cassidy. This was aproximately 18' x 12' and ran both AC and DC Trains, an EM 1 was running around when I was passing . A sales and spares table was also popularised by the Trix members (Fig 3) .

Fig. 2
Fig. 3

Opposite the Chiltern group had their lovely Holly Park Hornby-Dublo 3-Rail layout (Fig 4) with a few neverwazzas on view!

Fig. 4

Alongside co-organiser Bryan Pentland was also able to set up his Marx 0 Gauge Tinplate layout (Fig 5). This was a very colouful layout and had plenty of trains rattling around at any one time and was much admired.

Fig. 5

Also off the entrance lobby was a lecture room and the first layout was father and son, Alan and Jonathan Parkes with Jonathan's condensed Lionel layout (Fig 6) with an amazing amount of working accessories that thrilled the younger audience.

Fig. 6

In the corner we had Dave 'Chalky' White's Tri-ang Hornby 00 Gauge Catenary Layout (Fig 7) which included the Arkitex Ultra Modern Station (Fig 8) with an superb collection of the CKD (Completely Knocked Down) made and unmade kits (Fig 9), The catenary Loco's ran perfectly all day.

Fig. 7
Fig. 8
Fig, 9

Alongside Mark Carne and friends had an excellent Hornby 0 Gauge mostly SR layout and sales table (Fig 10). I was particularly impresed with a modified set of five 4-wheel Pullman coaches into a motorised Pullman set (Fig 11)

Fig. 10
Fig. 11

David and Amalia Ramsey had a truly wonderful display (Fig 12) of almost everything Carrette produced during their short lived existance (1909-1914). I was taken by the lovely Cardean Floor Train Locomotive that was used by the Caledonian Railway to advertise Scotland for Health and Pleasure Holidays (Fig 13).

Fig. 12
Fig. 13

Next was Reg and Gillian Harman who flew the flag for Tri-ang TT Gauge and had and nice layout and display using original A Track (Fig 14). Reg had plenty of information sheets to explain the short history of Tri-ang TT.

Fig. 14

The final display in the room was Robert Palmer's excellent Bayko Hornby-Dublo Diorama, (Fig 15 and 16) of Binns Road and showed what can be done to enhance a Dublo layout with a sister company product. Shame there was not a bit more imagination at the time in the Hornby Boardroom!

Fig. 15
Fig. 16

We now move back through the entrance lobby to the main hall 'Conferance Room 2' (Fig 17) where the larger layouts and traders were.

Fig. 17

Near the entrance was Dereck Bond with his 3d printing machine (Fig 18 with Chalky White) and spares he has prodced mainly for Tri-ang Railways and Minic Motorways including the Victorian Station Canopy (Fig 19)

Fig. 18
Fig. 19

The first layout was Dave Lyons excellent Hornby 00 Live Steam, here Dave was running six examples from the range, two at a time including Silver Link with a 19 wagon train (Fig 20). With some minor modifications these trains were running exceptionally well.

Fig. 20

The Bassett-Lowke Society's first layout was 33' x 12'6'', co-ordinated by Mike Green, a rare Coronation was doing a tour as I approached (Fig 21), there was also a very impressive Locomotive stable at the far end (Fig 22) , It was also nice to see Lesley Bellamy's Halcyon State Railways coaches (Fig 23)

Fig. 21
Fig. 22
Fig. 23

Further along was the second Bassett-Lowke layout which incorporated Gauge 1 and 2, I was particularly impressed with an uncommon Gauge 1 1910 Station (Fig 24) and an amazing Henry Greenly design GNR green 0-6-6-0 Tank (Fig 25).

Fig. 24
Fig. 25

In the far corner David and Elspeth Coddington had a wonderful display of Hornby-Dublo (Fig 26), including Dublo Dinky Toys (Fig 27) and a nice Dublo illuminated Shop sign (Fig 28), Trains were running smoothly all day long.

Fig. 26
Fig. 27
Fig. 28

Alongside Mike Delaney as well as selling top class Hornby 0 Gauge (Fig 29) had an interesting collection of original Bassett-Lowke plinths for displaying Locomotives, these came from the Bassett-Lowke Manchester shop, one was for a clockwork Coronation of which only 3 are known to exist (Fig 30).

Fig. 29
Fig. 30

Next was Catherine Sanderson from The 78 Derngate Society (Fig 31), this was the home of Bassett-Lowke in Northampton from 1917-1926. The home is open for visitors most days except Mondays.

Fig. 31

The final layout in the room was James Day's (with help from Malcolm Pugh) wonderful Playmobil Wild West themed Railway (Fig 32 and 33) and large scale 1/24 electric Roadway. This was a huge attraction to the children who came to the show as they were able to stop start the trains and operate accessories

Fig. 32
Fig. 33

The rest of the hall was sales tables, I noticed some interesting and unusual items, Elaines Train had a Spanish copy of a Tri-ang Minic 'Push and Go' Diesel set that was snapped up for £30 (Fig 34). Malcolm Clayton had some lovely Gauge 1 and 2 Platform Kiosks (Fig 35). Mike Green had an interesting 3-Car maroon Thumper set (Fig 36 and 37) and Richard Everton had a boxed Hornby-Dublo pre-war Electric Gresley Set (Fig 38).
The genral consensus was that the traders generally had a good day with a few well beyond expectations.

Fig. 34
Fig. 35
Fig. 36
Fig. 37
Fig. 38

Over 300 came to the show who were also able to visit the museum, well done to the three organisers, exhibitors and traders for putting on such a great exhibition and thank you to all the members and public that came and helped the show make a very small profit. Hopefully we can hold something similar next year.

Bob Leggett