February has been a busy month, but at last my "top shelf " Trix based layout is completed.

I have total occupancy of our smallest spare room, just 8 ft 6 ins by 6 ft 6 ins. It was already full of shelves loaded with toy trains and  micro layouts, a radio collection, books and a computer desk. So where was the new layout to go?

Following ideas taken from the USA magazine "Model Railroader", I have set up a Trix Twin bakelite track continuous circuit on the top level of my shelving system. It is 5 feet 9 inches high. I make use of a folding aluminium DIY platform for access; the height is just perfect to work on and operate the layout.

Using the Trix bakelite track has had some surprising advantages. Although around 60 years old it offers good running when carefully set up......and most of mine came in a box lot costing just £25.

The unknown (to me)  advantages are that Bing Table Railway clockwork and electric locos will run perfectly on the layout, including pointwork, as will my collection of German Trix Express....in fact they seem to run better than on the later plastic sleeper points. I have the power feeds set so they can switch to two rail , and later Trix  and Trix Express two rail also run. Brilliant.....a multi use layout that will run all my 00 and H0 stock!

The following photos track clockwise round the room:

TTR 10

BR Red & Cream coach train hauled by a DC Hunt class 4.4.0 about to depart Collingtree Central, which is a heavily renovated Manyways station

TTR 11

A ground level shot of the same train

TTR 12

Moving clockwise, this is the station throat under the control of a Woodside signal box

TTR 13

Next is the "bridge" across the doorway, with a short BR local passenger train travelling anti-clockwise, just having passed under a much renovated Woodside footbridge

TTR 14

Still going clockwise, after the bridge is Bing corner. The siding on the back wall is home to a rake of TTR LMS 4 wheelers, but all other items are Bing Table Railway


Next is the renovated TrueScale station, Collingtree North, with Mastermodel figures. An LNER teak passenger train is in the loop.


Finally we complete the circuit at Collingtree East, witha superb rake of LMS coaches in the siding. Along the back wall you can see a private owner coal train and the loco stock storage. At this point the next stop is again Collingtree Central Manyways.