TRAIN COLLECTOR SOCIETY MEMBER FRED VAN DER LUBBE from Holland has recently put together a fascinating assembly of photos and comment about Tin Train accessories in his collection. In his own words “My train collection consists mostly of rolling stock (locomotives, coaches and wagons).
I found occasionally in a tin train set I bought some accessories such as a tunnel or a semaphore. I also found long ago some Kibri and Marklin stations which were a real bargain. On closer inspection, I seem to have a reasonable number of train accessories, mostly tin, but also some in
other materials. So I started making a kind of a catalogue with digital pictures which presents that part of my collection in an eclectic classification. And then I added some text in Dutch. Translating it into English (with help of Google) was extra work, but all enjoyable”

The catalogue is now available, free to download in PDF format, by clicking the image below:TinAccessories image Or download from here 13534493561426065224Adobe Tin stuff from Fred small

Many thanks to Fred for sharing this with us.