Tinplate Trains at the Scheyern Abbey 2016

Every year a group of tinplate enthusiasts get together at the Scheyern Abbey (near Ingolstadt/Pfaffenhofen in Bavaria) in early August to run trains. This is a private meeting, invitation only, lasting from a Friday through to the following Wednesday. The large layout is gauge 1, with an overhead railway and a rack railway in gauge 0, and there are also 2 small Billerbahn layouts. There is also a small airport. New this year was a ferry that could be loaded correctly with trains on 3 tracks. TCS

Train Collectors Society Karl Isele Scheyern 2016

The organiser sets out the for the tables and the layout. Two of the participants bring all the track and most of the rolling stock in Gauge 1. One of these is also the owner of the elevated railway in gauge 0, the Nussbaggerei (nut digger) scene with the Billerbahn and the little Octoberfest with the merry-go-rounds. A third participant built the rack railway in gauge 0 following an old Märklin model. Others can bring their own rolling stock and/or buildings. There are several stations, where participants can operate the transformers, switches and signals. The trains are then forwarded to another station where then another participant takes control.

TCS member Karl Isele has supplied us with the following photos of the 2016 meeting as well as the background information about the event.

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