Hello again. This week I have been working on a matched pair of Truescale stations bought for a bargain price at the TCS Autumn get-together in 2013. Well, at least I thought so. To be honest they were in a bit of a mess. Very dirty and stained, one roof broken in half, edge damage all round, all the paper posters torn and glue residue from an earlier botched repair.

With a job like this the decision is either a complete strip and repaint, or a sympathetic clean up and repair, saving as much of the original as possible. I went for the latter, which is how I approach restoration wherever possible. If in the event of failure, you still have the option of a last resort repaint.

Gentle cleaning using Morrisons own-brand baby wipes eventually removed most of the grime, poster remains, and some of the glue. After that I decided to repaint only the roofs and platform edges, and was lucky to find a Humbrol acrylic spray almost matching the original. The platform edges were masked off and brush painted with artists acrylic......faintly to achieve a "vintage" look.

The original Castrol posters are transfers, and survived cleaning, as did the Truescale motif. New  00 gauge paper  "Steam Era" posters came from Ebay, and were fixed with UHU.


Matched pair of Truescale 00 gauge station s


Truescale 00 gauge local station

Now they are all set for my Trix Twin layout. The main platform edge on the big station is 37 inches long and takes a 5 coach train with room to spare.